How CLTs Work

Home Ownership. Leased Land. Permanent Affordability.
  1. CLT clients buy their homes at below-market prices, receive a deed to their homes, and enjoy exclusive use of the land.
  2. Homeowners lease the land underneath their homes from HCLT. All leases are 99-years, renewable, and inheritable.
  3. Homeowners agree to limit the resell price of their homes ensuring that the homes will remain affordable for future families.

Benefits of a Community Land Trust

A Community Land Trust in Houston

With over 200,000 low-income households paying more than 50% of their incomes on rent and over 300,000 homes facing severe housing problems (such as having no kitchen or bath facilities, overcrowding, or high costs), Harris County is facing a crisis of housing quality, affordability, and security. By creating and preserving affordable homes in perpetuity, the Houston Community Land Trust seeks to address this crisis within Houston neighborhoods. HCLT works with community, nonprofit and governmental partners to prevent gentrification, maintain housing quality, and support families. 

Affordable & Available Homes Per 100 Renter Households

2018 data from the National Low Income Housing Coalition based on housing in the Houston-Woodlands-Sugar Land metro area.